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I read on this site that it works, I didn't check that. It doesn't work with the snd-i8x0m driver included in kernel 2.6.12. But there is a slamr kernel module available at http://linmodems.technion.ac.il/packages/smartlink/. I had no time to check that yet.


Sound is working very good without much trouble. The driver module is called snd_intel8x0 (not snd_intel8x0m !). Just run alsaconf.


Bluetooth is running. I didn't transfer files or any data yet, but can scan the environment and my notebook can be found by other devices. All necessary modules are loaded automatically at boot time. If they are not loaded and you use my kernel configuration, maybe you have to start Windows and enable the Bluetooth interface. Don't mix this up with the settings in the BIOS. If the Bluetooth device is disabled in Windows, the BIOS settings have no influence on it and you can't use it under Linux. I don't know whether there is a way to enable the Bluetooth device under Linux.
I installed the following packages to use Bluetooth: bluez-utils, bluez-firmware, bluez-hcidump, bluez-pin, obexserver, openobex-apps.


Not tested yet, but modules are loaded automatically.

Update 18.01.2009
I have connected to a Nokia 6101 mobile phone via infrared today. It works fine. The modules irtty_sir, sir_dev and irda get automatically loaded at boot time. After using the commands "setserial /dev/ttyS2 irq 3" and "irattach /dev/ttyS2 -s" you should be able to see the visible devices by looking at the fileĀ /proc/net/irda/discovery. Now gnokii or wammu should be able to connect to the phone, if it is generally supported.


Works out of the box. In my case there was nothing to configure. But I didn't check USB 2 yet.

1394 Firewire

Works fine. It uses the following modules: ieee1394, ohci1394. The module eth1394 is also loaded, but I didn't test a network connection over Firewire. I just connected two external hard disks and could handle them like USB devices.


Works. I tested it with my CF GPS card via an adapter. Other devices may follow.


Works perfectly without any changes.

Multi card reader

Does NOT work :-(.

Update 09.01.2007
Since Kernel 2.6.19 there is a driver included. It is called tifm. At the moment there is basic support for SD and MM cards. More cards will, hopefully, follow. The whole driver is still experimental, so be careful!