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Here I put some more detailed pictures of my notebook. I hope that they show enough details.
Left side of the NC6120
This is the left side of the notebook. You can see here (from left to right): 2 USB ports, VGA output, modem, LAN, Firewire and 2 CardBus slots.

Right side of the NC6120
On the right side you have connectors for earphones, a microphone input, 2 USB connectors, the CD-RW/DVD combo drive and a serial connector.

Back of the NC6120
Most space on the back of the notebook is taken by the battery pack in the middle. On the left side is a small hole for a Kensington cable. On the right side is the power connector, a parallel port and the TV output.

Front of the NC6120
The front of the notebook includes 2 speakers (left and right side), the card reader in the middle and the Irda port on the left side. There are also LEDs for wireless LAN/Bluetooth, power, charging indication and hard disc access.
Keyboard of the NC6120
Here a picture of the keyboard and touch pad. On the top you can see the power button and some special buttons, for example to enable/disable wireless LAN/Bluetooth or adjust the volume.

Display hinge of the NC6120
Here you can see one of the hinges. I think they are very stable.

Back of the docking station for the NC6120
This is my docking station (PA286A). In fact it is only a port replicator. You have connectors for a Kensington cable, 2x TV out, a special monitor (I don't know this type), Audio out/in, PS/2 mouse and keyboard, parallel port, serial port, VGA, DVI, power, modem, LAN and 2 USB ports. There are two more USB ports on the left side. One of them is powered.

Connector of the docking station for the NC6120
And this is the connection mechanism of the docking station. It works good.
First version: 04.08.2005

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