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Here some pictures of the Classmate. At this time Ubuntu 8.04 was installed. There are some pictures comparing the Classmate to the Hercules eCafe EC-900.

Front view

Front view.

Left side

Left side view with VGA, USB, SD-Card and power button.


Rear view with power connector on the left and Kensington connector on the right.

Right side

Right side with the pen, microphone, speaker, USB and Ethernet.


Top view. The dark area on the left are status LEDs.

Tablet mode

Classmate in tablet mode (picture was taken outside).


The display with the (rotatable) camera on the top, a "home" button and status LEDs on the left and the speakers on the bottom. This picture was taken outside.


The keyboard and the touchpad.

Bottom view

The bottom side.

The buttom side with opened memory and SSD slots and removed battery.

Comparison of Classmate and eCafe

Classmate compared to eCafe

Comparison right side

Classmate compared to eCafe, right view.

Comparison top

Classmate compared to eCafe, top view.


# ste 2012-07-30 18:34
great article.

I can not use the Accelerometer.
I've put accel.py and rotate.sh on Home directory and accel.xml in /.halevt directory. but it doesn't work using the command "halevt -c ~/.halevt/accel .xml" in terminal.
I've also insered the command in autostart.sh (Openbox WM), but it doesn't work too.
Some mistakes?
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# Kay 2012-08-02 14:48

did you adapt the DEVICE variable as mentioned in the article?
My Classmate died, unfortunately. So I can't test it any more. It might be, that more recent Linux distributions have changed, so that the scripts need to be adapted.
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