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Last weekend my Africa Twin has become 100.000km older. On the picture you can see the many zeros on the counter. The good old twin now has 200.000km on the clock. Ok, a few more, because for a few thousand km the tachometer did not work. Happy anniversary, Twin!

Africa Twin 200.000 km
Africa Twin 200.000 km

The efa 2 migration for our two boat houses is done. It was some work to clean up the data from our two boat houses. The two logbooks got inconsistent over the time.

I wrote a small Python script to synchronize the the data of two logbooks. The script just copies all entries from one logbook to the other one, if they do not exist there already and vice versa. This fixed almost all of my over 200 error received during import of two logbooks from the same year. The rest was hand work. There were names written different in the two logbooks, for example. This can't be fixed automatically.

For now efa 2 runs very well in my club. There were minor problems I have to investigate further. But none of them is mission critical.

You can find the script here. Each year or tuple of logbooks needs one call of the script. So if you have two logbooks logbook1_2012.efb and logbook2_2012.efb you have to call the script like this on Linux: "./efa_sync.py logbook1_2012 logbook2_2012". You have to strip the extension of the file name. This needs to be done, because the script automatically opens several of the data files, which have different file extensions. The script should work on Windows as well, but I did not test that.

There are many new pictures in the gallery now! I have uploaded many pictures from my last journeys. I hope that I will find the time to write a short report of my last tour through east Africa. For now you can enjoy the pictures.

A few days ago I did another update of my CMS system. In the end it was less work than I thought.

You might have noticed some re-organisation of my web pages. The menu structure has changed and is more clean now, I hope. Besides that I did an update of my "about me" page so that it better reflects my current situation.

The contact form did not work after the update. I fear that it even did not work before the update and that nobody received an error message. Sorry! So it might be that there were some messages lost. I fixed this now and promise to be more careful with the contact form in the future! Please send your message again, if you did not receive an answer for your previous message!

Now I will prepare more content for the pages. I have to upload many pictures from my last vacations. Expect many more nice pictures here soon ...

Today I released efaLive 2.0. It includes the new version 2.0 of efa, which was released today, too. Both, efa and efaLive, bring many new features that make life easier for users and administrators. efa 2.0 is a new development from scratch. So there was a lot of effort to finish it.

Here are the changes of efaLive:

  • [N] Configure efa shutdown action
  • [N] Configure network settings (including Wifi, VPN, mobile broadband [experimiental])
  • [N] Configure keyboard
  • [N] shutdown/restart PC buttons in efaLive setup
  • [N] Screensaver
  • [N] File manager
  • [N] NTP support
  • [N] Configure date and time
  • [N] Restore backup from USB device
  • [N] General backup/restore dialog
  • [N] Support for NTFS formatted USB sticks
  • [E] Update efa 2 to version 2.0.0_00
  • [E] efa 2 is default now
  • [E] Enable/disable automatic USB backup
  • [E] Optional dialog for automatic USB backup

You can find the download links on the efaLive page. Unfortunately efaLive is only available in German at the moment. For the installation you can choose English. In this case the whole system should work in English, but this is not tested. I hope I can provide an English version soon.