Today I released efaLive 2.0. It includes the new version 2.0 of efa, which was released today, too. Both, efa and efaLive, bring many new features that make life easier for users and administrators. efa 2.0 is a new development from scratch. So there was a lot of effort to finish it.

Here are the changes of efaLive:

  • [N] Configure efa shutdown action
  • [N] Configure network settings (including Wifi, VPN, mobile broadband [experimiental])
  • [N] Configure keyboard
  • [N] shutdown/restart PC buttons in efaLive setup
  • [N] Screensaver
  • [N] File manager
  • [N] NTP support
  • [N] Configure date and time
  • [N] Restore backup from USB device
  • [N] General backup/restore dialog
  • [N] Support for NTFS formatted USB sticks
  • [E] Update efa 2 to version 2.0.0_00
  • [E] efa 2 is default now
  • [E] Enable/disable automatic USB backup
  • [E] Optional dialog for automatic USB backup

You can find the download links on the efaLive page. Unfortunately efaLive is only available in German at the moment. For the installation you can choose English. In this case the whole system should work in English, but this is not tested. I hope I can provide an English version soon.