I just released a BETA version of efaLive 2.1! It is based on the brand new Debian 7 “Wheezy” GNU/Linux. This is the first international version. Try it! Here the details of changes:

[N]: New; [E]: Enhancement; [F]: Bugfix

2.1-2.0.7_18 BETA (released 11.05.2013):

  • [E] [4745] Support for German and English in live mode, for many more languages as installed system
  • [E] Based on new stable Debian distribution (Wheezy)
  • [E] Update efa2 to 2.0.7_18
  • [E] Update efa to 1.8.3_19 (deprecated)
  • [E] Support for broadband connections
  • [E] Improved network configuration
  • [E] [4746] efaLive, efa and efa2 are now Debian packages, improve update
  • [N] Support for dynamic DNS services
  • [F] [5676] Fix window move bug
  • [F] [5778] Another solution for permanent backups

For more information on efaLive, check the efaLive page.