Logbook - page 7

  • Demo against ACTA

    Yesterday I have been to a demonstration against ACTA. There were less people than two weeks ago, but enough to make some noise :-)

    I took a few pictures at the demonstrations. You can click on the image below to see all pictures. On the picture below you can see a sign that shows a bit the general conflict between many people, especially young people, and the politicians. It says “Your politics is a mystery to us”.


    At the crossing Breite Straße and Graf-Adolf-Straße a few of the demonstrators sat down in front of the demo truck so that the whole crossing was blocked for a while.


  • Betaversion of efaLive 2.0 available!

    Today I released a beta version of the upcoming efaLive 2.0. efaLive 2.0 has some interesting new features which should make the life of the administrator more easy. There is a file manager, a GUI editor, a GUI for backup and restore, a configuration manager for network connections and some more things. So please try it out and report bugs, if you find some. Many of the changes are a result of the feedback from the seminars in Berlin and Osnabrück in September last year.

    The final release is planned to be released around 26th of February. Probably I can announce it in the web seminar (German only …).

    For more details about efaLive and the download links you can check the efaLive page.

  • CMS update

    I have just updated my CMS Joomla to version 1.5. It was a lot of work. Most of the things are running now. I hope I did not forget too much :-)

  • NC6120 update

    I have updated the pages for Linux on the NC6120 notebook. There are new information regarding the X server configuration and power savin/noise reduction activities.

  • Demo against data retention (6.11.2007)

    The German Bundestag will decide this week about the plans to collect the communication data of all people for further analyzation etc. There will be demonstrations against this in many cities in Germany on Tuesday, 06.11.2007. In Düsseldorf it will be in the Schadowstraße in front of the Schadow-Arkaden. It will start at 5pm until 7pm.

    On the web page of the “Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung” (German Work Group on Data Retention) you can find more information about this specific demo here (the pages are mainly German).

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